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If YOU are reading this it is likely that your life has been changed, even a smidgen, by your connection through Church 4 Life and our Charities.

Some life changes are dramatic and have a ripple effect that impacts lives around them like the stories of Gail, Ali and Jean. Some are little changes that can mean a lot like it did for Ruan, Jane and Lyn.

It may be through our Op Shops like Sandra, Alexa and Ada. It may be through our Clothing Collections like Peter, Sarah and CJ. It may be through our Hampers With Heart program like Helen, Nova or Jenny. It may be through our church and it’s programs like Heather, Suong and Roger. Or one of the many other stories you can read here.

Or it may simply be that by reading our stories you have a better understanding of how your donations, purchases and support of Church 4 Life Charities helps change lives.

If your life has been changed in a big or a little way, we’d love to hear your story. Please share your story here or call us on 0466 842 101 if you have any questions.

P.S. We will do a spell and grammar check before publishing your story 🙂

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Gail Taylor

Managing Director

We hope you enjoy reading the real life stories our local friends have shared with us! You can find more below.

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