Professional Organiser, Ali, helps people become ‘Beautifully Sorted‘ every day. She partners with Church 4 Life Charities by donating items that her clients no longer require anymore.

“Church 4 Life Charities is an organisation I’m proud to partner with.  I am a Professional Organiser here in Newcastle.

In the course of decluttering homes in our area, I’m often called on to remove/rehome items that these families no longer require.   This is where my relationship with Church 4 Life begins for in passing on these items, I know they will be of genuine benefit to others both in our local area and abroad not head to landfill.

I’m grateful for the relationships I’ve built within Church 4 Life and for their gracious hearts to help others.”

We are so grateful for all donations no longer required by families, as we love rehoming these items to people who are in need of them. How wonderful that they don’t end up in landfill, but instead, Ali’s clients can know that their donations go on to make a positive difference in the lives of others.


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Gail Taylor

Managing Director

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