Online Giving

Thank you for your generous contribution to the work of Church 4 Life and it’s charities. 

If you’d like to set up regular giving, or would like to give a once off donation, 
please click the secure link below. 

Giving Online Safely

We have chosen ‘’ to collect donations, as it is secure and used by hundreds of churches globally.

Tax Deductibility

All donations of $2 or more to Church 4 Life are tax deductible (with the exception of Tithes & Offerings).
A receipt for your tax return will be emailed to you in July each year for your donations for the past financial year.

Cover Fees

If you chose to tick this box an extra little bit will be added to your donation to cover the fees we pay to use this online giving product. Most of our donors will tick this box to help us out.


Meaningful Ways To Give

  • Most Needed- this is our ‘Most Needed’ fund to cover our Charities most urgent needs.

  • PetrolIs used to ‘Chip in for Petrol’ so we can continue providing a free clothing collection service.

  • Clothing Collectors Will be received for our Clothing Collection expenses, vehicle repair, shipping costs.

  • Emergency Assistancehelps to purchase items for those in crisis situations. Previous examples have been food hampers, gift vouchers, petrol to those in need. Items will depend on individual circumstances and is given through Church 4 Life Pantry or Pete’s Kitchen.

  • Tithes and Offerings  the Bible instructs believers to give to their local church. This fund is for the regular church expenses. (Giving to this fund is not tax deductible).