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Church 4 Life currently has four Op Shops in the greater Newcastle area serving our community in Tanilba Bay, Cardiff, Warners Bay and Woodrising. Church 4 Life also has an online op shop where you can find clothing, homewares and collectibles.

Our op shops are an opportunity for our local community to purchase quality and affordable clothing, food and household items. Our hip, savvy and eco-conscious community love our ever changing stock of new items, brand names, vintage, collectables, memorabilia, retro and unique one of a kind items, in addition to our every day essentials.

Op Shops are perfect for those who are struggling financially, as well as individuals who just love to be unique! You will be amazed at the hidden treasures you may come across. All proceeds go towards our not for profit charity- Food parcels, community meals, crisis assistance, and shipping costs to send clothing overseas to areas affected by poverty.

Find a Church 4 Life Op Shop Near You


5/343 Main Rd, Cardiff NSW 2285
(Next door to Cardiff Bakery)

Opening Hours: 


Warners Bay

250 Macquarie Rd, Warners Bay
(Near McDonalds and Ice Skating)

Opening Hours: 

Monday 9:00am–5:00pm

Tanilba Bay

Shop 8-9/61 President Wilson Walk,
Tanilba Bay (Kooindah Centre)

Opening Hours: 



Shop 7/84 Hayden Brook Drive, Woodrising

(Opposite IGA)

Opening Hours: 

"There's no regrets when you buy something, because at the end of the day you're donating to charity"

Shop At Our Online Op Shop


Are you looking for a way to make a difference while shopping? Look no further than the wonderful world of op shops! These treasure troves of pre-loved items not only offer unique finds and affordable prices but also hold the incredible power to change lives.

By supporting op shops, you contribute to a charitable cause and become part of a virtuous cycle that brings joy to countless individuals in need.

Your purchases can make a meaningful impact to the community and those in need! Browse our online op shop today to find some hidden treasures or visit our op shops in Newcastle today!

Make A Donation To Our Op Shops

Thinking about getting rid of some clothes and donating them to an Op Shop? Church 4 Life’s op shops accepts clothes donations.

Simply book a clothes collection and our drivers will collect your items at no cost. 

For more information on donating, or to book a clothes collection, head to our clothes collection page and book a collection.

You can find more information on what items we accept for donations and if you are in an eligible area for a collection.


Op Shopping Is A Sustainable Way Of Shopping

Op shops in the Newcastle region have become an integral part of the community, not only for their affordability and unique finds but also for their significant contributions to sustainability. These thrift stores play a pivotal role in promoting a more sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle. Firstly, op shops are champions of recycling and up-cycling. By offering second-hand goods, they reduce the demand for new products, curbing the environmental impact of resource extraction and manufacturing. This not only conserves valuable resources but also minimises the carbon footprint associated with the production and transportation of new items.

Op shops help combat the issue of textile waste. The fashion industry is notorious for its environmental harm, but thrift stores provide a channel for people to extend the life cycle of their clothing and reduce the amount of apparel ending up in landfills. Donating or purchasing clothing from op shops not only saves money but also reduces textile waste, making it a win-win for both consumers and the environment.

At Church 4 Life, our op shops around the Newcastle region operate as charitable organisations, with proceeds from sales supporting various community initiatives. This community-focused approach contributes to a stronger social fabric and fosters a sense of interconnectedness. By shopping at our op shops in Newcastle, individuals can indirectly support local causes while reducing their environmental footprint.


How Donating To Our Op Shops In Newcastle Make A Difference

Church 4 Life’s op shops in Newcastle are remarkable examples of thrift stores that go beyond their immediate community impact. Our store serves a dual purpose, offering affordable clothing options to local residents while also playing a crucial role in global outreach. While customers can find quality second-hand clothing items at these op shops, what sets Church 4 Life apart is their commitment to helping those in need in different countries.

A significant portion of the clothing donated to Church 4 Life’s op shops doesn’t just stay within the store’s shelves but is also sent overseas to countries facing various challenges, such as poverty, disaster recovery, or humanitarian crises. This international outreach is a testament to their dedication to making a positive impact on a global scale. By sending clothes to these regions, Church 4 Life not only provides practical assistance but also promotes sustainability by extending the lifecycle of these garments.

In doing so, we reduce waste, alleviate clothing shortages in underserved areas, and contribute to international development efforts. Church 4 Life’s op shops in Newcastle embody the spirit of compassion and global responsibility, showing that even a local thrift store can make a significant difference in the lives of people around the world while promoting sustainability through responsible clothing reuse and distribution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Church 4 Life  Op Shops we stock a wide range of items including clothes for men, women and kids, household items, toys, homewares, books, DVDs, records, shoes, bags, linen and some furniture. Tanilba Bay and Warners Bay Shops stock a range of food and grocery items.

Op shop items are usually pre-owned or donated, so they have been previously used. The condition of items vary as some items are near-new whereas others are pre-loved. Our op shops have a quality and cleanliness process in place of donated items before they go on sale.

We also purchase some new items to on sell at cost price, this includes our fresh fruit and vegetables that are bought at Newcastle Markets each week to be sold at our Warners Bay Shop and most of our food items.

The prices of items in op shops are typically significantly lower than those in regular retail stores. The exact prices can vary depending on the condition of the item, and its original retail value. Our op shops provide the opportunity for people who struggle financially to purchase affordable quality items.

Yes, give your clothing or household items a second home and donate to our op shops in Tanilba Bay and Warners Bay.

At Woodrising Shop we have a blue bin for donations of clothes, shoes and linen.

Unfortunately we can’t accept donations in shop at Woodrising and Cardiff due to a lack of storage space. You are welcome to drop donations at our Warners Bay store 7 days (excluding Christmas Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Anzac Day).

Our team at Church 4 Life conveniently offer to collect your clothing items at no cost for donations of 5 bags or more. To check what items we accept for donation or to book a clothes collection, visit our clothes collection page.

Yes, At Church 4 Life, we highly value our volunteers and their help with the op shop operations. Day to day tasks in our op shops include displaying and rotating stock,  assisting customers, and maintaining the shop’s cleanliness. If you’re interested in volunteering, pop into your nearest Op Shop and speak to the staff their or call or text us on 0466 842 101.

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