Bronwyn regular customer at one of our op shops and has had a lot of bad luck recently, including having […]


Andy often felt listless and lost, without purpose. Then he found us and everything changed. Things had changed at his […]


Darby is studying Marine Biology at Newcastle University and he’s part of our team. We love uni students. When they […]


Julie shares how her life has been changed through the opportunities Church 4 Life Charities has given her to teach […]


When you visit our Woodrising Op Shop you will meet the bubbly, smart, creative and super friendly Debbie. Being a […]


I’m Toby and I’m 7 years old. My family is my 5 year old brother Jayden, my Mum Sam and […]

Mia’s Family

Mia The Cat family’s sent in this text to us on receiving their Hamper With Heart: “I write this with […]


One of our favourite jobs in is delivering Hampers With Heart to people who have no idea they have been […]


Church 4 Life

If YOU are reading this it is likely that your life has been changed, even a smidgen, by your connection […]

Jye, Rhiannon & Family

Church 4 Life

When we met Jye in January we had no idea about his family situation, we simply knew the man who […]