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Suong’s life changed dramatically when she found Church 4 Life. She tells her story of how her husband Tien, daughter Naomi and her lives have changed through seeing miracles and answers to her prayers.

“Tien and I moved from Barnsley to Windale in mid 2018 and were looking for a new church family. We went to a couples of churches in the areas, and from the first visit to Church 4 Life we knew from our heart that this was the family in Christ that God has chosen for us.

Over the last five years, the church fellowship at Church 4 Life has helped our family grow tremendously in knowing Jesus personally and learning how to listen to the Holy Spirit and obey God’s wills and guidance for our life. We have witnessed so many miracles happening to the church as a whole as well as to members of the congregation including our family. An example is the financial breakthroughs that God has brought to as a result of lots of prayers. I was jobless when we joined Church 4 Life in 2018, and Tien has a very low-paid job, so our family was a low-income household and received Centrelink benefits at that time, but God had put a dream in my heart that we would soon own a standalone house – a nice one 😊. How that could be possible? We didn’t know how but we trusted in our God, the God of miracles. It had been a very tough time for us as I was not successful with my job hunting for years, but I was given a promise in the Scripture, in the Book of Isaiah, chapter 45, verses 2 & 3: “I will go before you and will level the mountains; I will break down gates of bronze and cut through bars of iron. I will give you hidden treasures, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, who summons you by name”. I held on to this promise and kept praying over it for at least a year.

In March 2020, I got a part-time job at Uni, which was my very first job in Australia, and a few months later we figured out that we were able to borrow enough money to buy a block of land and build a house in a nearby suburb. There were a lot of delays in the completion of the house due to Covid19, and hence a lot more prayers for us from Church 4 Life. Finally, our house was completed in August 2022, which is what Gail calls “a big miracle that you can touch”. A “hidden treasure” that God also gave us as a bonus to our new home was that we received a Home Builder Grant from the NSW Government as a result of this build.

Church 4 Life as church has played a central role in our faith journey with God over the last couple of years. We can’t thank enough Pastor Richard and Lesley, Gail, Paster Ba, and all other members of Church 4 Life for their support, love and prayers, and especially their spiritual guidance and mentoring to our family. We are looking forward to the next journeys of faith with Church 4 Life, and to seeing many more lives changed through the ministry of Church 4 Life in 2023 and the coming years.”


If you would like to see for yourself what Suong, Tien and Naomi have found at church and experience miracles for yourself, join us on Wednesday and Sunday 10:30am at 32 Sixth Street Boolaroo.

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