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Flexibility, exercise and the good team environment at Church 4 Life Charities helped Ruan finish his university studies.

“I got my first real job (sorry cricket umpiring) at Church 4 Life, working in their warehouse to help put the donated clothes into bale bags so they could be sent overseas.

Gail and the team were really understanding of my university commitments and allowed me to be very flexible in regards to when I worked, which really helped me do better at uni.

I really enjoyed working there as the team environment was always really good, and the physical labour gave me good exercise.”

We regularly have people in our team studying at UNI or TAFE that need flexible work arrangements, and that is something Church 4 Life Charities is happy to make happen where we can. We are stoked to hear that Ruan found this helpful too!!

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Gail Taylor

Managing Director

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