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Andy often felt listless and lost, without purpose. Then he found us and everything changed.

Things had changed at his last job, and Andy knew it was time to move on. His long-time mate Owen suggested Andy might like to join his team processing donations in our warehouse. So, Andy applied for a warehouse role.

When we met Andy in the interview, we knew he was the Volunteers Team Leader we had been praying for. He has a wonderful way with older people and those who struggle with limitations and disabilities. His education and experience were perfectly matched to the role. And he loves getting donations to the right place. We are delighted to have Andy in our team! God knew He was sending us a treasure when He sent Andy to us.

Andy says “I love working at Church 4 Life Charities as everyone there are hard workers like me. Working Hard is an important value of mine. I’ve also found mentors who are helping me grow in my career and as a person. This job is changing my life!”

Our Volunteers, Work Experience, Community Service, Work for the Dole and WDO participants all love Andy. He cares for each one individually and helps place each person in a role where they can shine and know who they are is very important to our team. Some of his team members include: Jayden, Liz, Maria, Mark, Judy and Peter (click on their name to read their Story).

Thanks to your donations, Andy has found purpose, his place of belonging and his passion job where he can serve our community with loads of hard work.


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