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“The people here changed me. It wasn’t anything big, just working with good people, doing good things each day. I love it here.”

Meet Mark. In December 2022 he saw our “Volunteers Wanted” sign on our fence at Warners Bay. He thought, “I’d like to do that.” Mark had done something similar 20 years before and we are very close to his home. So, he came in and joined our team.

Mark is retired and works with us two – three days a week. His main job is bringing the trolleys of donations out of our Warners Bay Op Shop and down to the warehouse and doing first sort (separating clothes, shoes and linen from everything else). We never know when our trolleys are going to suddenly fill with donations and need to be changed for empty trolleys but Mark has developed a sixth sense about it and often quietly arrives at just the right moment to do the changeover.

We are super thankful Mark chose to join our team. He is a strong, quiet, hardworking man with a good heart and quirky sense of humour. Over the last year we’ve seen a change in him as he has found new purpose and friends in our team. As he has grown in confidence and knowledge that who he is really matters and that he makes a difference, he stands taller and prouder. Mark is happier and you can see it in how he walks. Our days are much better when Mark is at work.

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