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Physical limitations don’t stop Maria when it comes to gardening, plants and showing up! She gives what she can and 80% of success is simply showing up! So Maria is as successful as they come!

“I like that Church 4 Life accommodates my disabilities so I can volunteer”

Maria has mobility issues and physical/mental disabilities which make it difficult to work or volunteer just anywhere. Her friend invited her to volunteer at Church 4 life Charities, and 4.5 years later she is still volunteering here and has been a core member of our sorting and packing team.

“I grow plants and succulents at home, and bring them in so people can buy them and the money goes to helping the good work the charity does”

The charity has found ways to include Maria and the skills she brings. Some of the jobs she does include growing plants that can be sold to the local community, sorting and packing toys to be sent overseas to kids affected by poverty and she has folded THOUSANDS of our blue coloured bags and added flyers so they can be delivered into mail boxes.

Maria has  also been an important member of our garage sale team. The charity hosted a monthly garage sale for over a year and Maria helped prepare for the event, set up and pack up as well as helping with customers on the day. She showed up to volunteer her time every month.

“I invited a friend I volunteer with over at Christmas to celebrate, so no one had to be alone on Christmas day”

Maria has found a family here and a bunch of wonderful friends and it has been good for her mental and physical health.
She regularly meets new volunteers and helps them understand the sorting process.

We have loved having Maria in our team and are glad she knows there is a place here for her despite the limitations she faces. We stoked she uses her gardening skills to bring happiness to the local plant loving community and that  we can be inclusive so she can work, make a difference and create meaningful friendships.

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