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Liz didn’t think she had a story until we started chatting about her journey with Church 4 Life Charities and how she was led here.

“I had become a Christian not long before receiving my Cancer diagnosis and felt a peace that everything was going to be okay. I had some major surgery and unbelievably I didn’t need to have any further chemo or radiation. This experience changed my perspective on life. I knew that God wanted me to join a charity, but I didn’t know which one.

A friend invited me to volunteer at Church 4 Life Charities, I checked it out and then eventually invited another friend of mine to volunteer too. It helped me to connect with people and I really like sorting and packing the toys and household items into boxes. It’s like a puzzle trying to fit everything in. I enjoy being here”

Liz has been with the charity for 4.5 years now and has been a loyal and dedicated member of our Packing team. What is most interesting about her story is how she has positively influenced other people in her team without realising it.

“We would have new team members come in so we’d guide them and show them what they need to do.
Sometimes they’d have a chip on their shoulder or would be angry. We just treated everyone equally and talked with them and listened to them. Other times we’d remind them that there were other people in the team who had disabilities or limitations that were more severe, that even though they had it tough those people still show up and do what they can. It seemed to give people a new perspective and they would start to do nice or helpful things to those who had it harder.”

Liz often had people in her own life dropping items off at her house and she would bring them to the charity to pack and send overseas and she has invited many more people to volunteer over the years. She was also involved in setting up for garage sales and Pete’s kitchen which was a free community meal run by Church 4 Life Charities. Without wonderful helpers like Liz, these events can be really difficult to organise. We are so thankful for hard working and loyal volunteers who help make helpful community events a reality. Many hands make light work they say!

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