Andy often felt listless and lost, without purpose. Then he found us and everything changed. Things had changed at his […]


Darby is studying Marine Biology at Newcastle University and he’s part of our team. We love uni students. When they […]

Zaylee & Alexa

Church 4 Life

Like most 4 year olds Zaylee and Alexa love to play and can never have too many toys. They also […]


Church 4 Life

I am a mother of five beautiful kids. Recently we moved and had so many items to donate. I was […]


Church 4 Life

My family and I feel so happy knowing that my family’s donated clothing is going to a good cause. My […]


Church 4 Life

Susie’s Mum Sarah shares her story: We have been doing a lot of de-cluttering in our house and Susie (12) […]