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One of our favourite jobs in is delivering Hampers With Heart to people who have no idea they have been nominated. Ash is one of our delivery drivers for Hampers With Heart 2023. She shares this story about giving Tilly a Hamper With Heart.

“Tilly was in shock when she opened the door and seen me standing there. I introduced
myself and explained why I was knocking on her door. I gave Tilly the hamper and a bag
of gifts for her and her cats. Tilly was so grateful for this small act of kindness, repeatedly
thanking me and she even asked if she could give me a hug. Of course, I accepted and
hugged her back. I thought in the moment that I might be the only person to give her a hug
this Christmas.”

It’s the Heart part that makes our Hampers different. The heart of the donors, packers and delivery team. Thank you to everyone who provided Tilly not only food for her and her cats at Christmas but also a much need hug and knowing she’s been seen and valued in our community.



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