Susie’s Mum Sarah shares her story: We have been doing a lot of de-cluttering in our house and Susie (12) was doing the same in her room which meant her beloved soft toys had to be sorted through. When Susie was younger she used her birthday money to buy a huge teddy – it was bigger than her at the time. As hard as it was, Susie decided Teddy had to go (sad face). When we dropped Teddy off at the Warners Bay Church 4 Life Op Shop the lovely lady, Jean, behind the counter thought Teddy would make the perfect friend for her mother-in-law’s dog and bought it straight away. Susie loved this and thought it was a great idea! A few weeks later we were dropping even more stuff of and mentioned to the Jean about Teddy, she pulled up a photo of her Teddy’s new best friend Louis. Apparently, Louis drags Teddy all around the house and they cuddle up in bed every night. It’s so wonderful to hear that items you no longer need or maybe don’t have space for bring joy to other people’s families!

Best friends – Teddy & Louis
Thanks Susie!

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