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“Who would do this for us?” Eileen asked, stunned to realise she had been nominated and gifted a Hamper with Heart.

The last six months had been more than rough for Eileen and Geoff to say the least. Geoff had lost his job, Eileen had an accident and had broken her tailbone leaving her unable to move freely and in a lot of pain. Their children are also currently away for several months with their other parent. Christmas wasn’t shaping up to be a happy time.

“Who even knows what we’ve been going through?” Eileen asked with tears in her eyes. Lachlan, our team member doing the delivery explained how it works.

“Someone in the community knew you guys have been having a rough time and nominated you anonymously. We don’t know who nominated you, but we wanted to help. This hamper is to give you a better Christmas with gifts for both of you and your children.”

Eileen was so touched and couldn’t believe it. Struggling to find words she said, “I feel so….seen.”

Both Geoff and Eileen expressed what a difference this has made to them. They were so grateful. “Thank you so much,” they both said. Lachlan confirmed that their Christmas looked better, and that they seemed so touched, blessed and encouraged and he left there knowing that this act of kindness had changed their Christmas.


To sponsor a Hamper With Heart to help people like Eileen and Geoff go here.

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