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There is no doubt in Brians’s mind that God is real, after the many miracles he has witnessed!

Brian connected with Church 4 Life Charities a number of years ago through donating clothes and household items and started coming along to Pete’s kitchen and our garage sales each month. He was a great supporter of the charity from early on because it was run by a Christian organisation.
He then started helping out with the garage sales in a really unique way. He started showing up before the garage sale with food he had purchased himself, no one had asked him to do this, and he started cooking bacon and egg rolls for all the staff and volunteers… for FREE! He wanted the volunteers to have a good feed and to know that he supports the work of the charity.
He also stayed back to help with the cleanup and helped out where he could. He was not an official volunteer, so what was it that motivated Brian to do acts of kindness like this?

As I listened to Brian tell his stories of his life, it started to make sense. He has seen many miracles happen, and his faith in God has been strengthened greatly by remembering and sharing these stories. He shared stories from his time working at Tahlee Bible College, such as a time when horses had escaped into bushland where it would be impossible to find them, he heard a voice in his mind telling him to go to a very unlikely but specific location, and there he immediately found the horses.
Another story of a Korean student’s glasses being lost in a lake and couldn’t be found, after stopping to pray, they were found immediately after.
Brian also shared encouraging moments that God reminded him that everything was okay in relation to his wife’s medical situation.

This life of faith and miracles was the reason that Brian wanted to support Christian organisations such as Church 4 Life. A great and uncommon kindness is deeply ingrained in who he is because he believes in God and he has become a friend to many of the volunteers because of this thoughtfulness and support.

It just goes to show, that charities can hold helpful community events to help people out, but every now and then some of those people who were helped can turn out to be your biggest supporters and help and impact you back.

Thanks for your support Brian! And thank you to all the people who regularly support us!

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