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Larissa and her family, on teaching the next generation how to care for people, and the environment!

“My mum had brought me up to care about the environment and she was big on recycling boxes, cans and milk cartons, but recycling clothing wasn’t really something I’d ever thought about until I became a mother myself.
I have 2 kids, a 5 year old and an 8 year old and I am shocked at how fast they grow and how little use some of their clothes actually get.
One day I received a blue bag in my mailbox from Church 4 life saying that if I had clothes to donate I just had to leave them near my mailbox in their bag, and someone would come around and collect it on the stated day. I immediately jumped at the chance because getting out of the house to do any kind of job was really hard with kids in tow…  I ended up donating 10 garbage bags worth of clothes and toys!!!! I was even shocked!”

“Another cool thing that happened was it gave me the opportunity to talk to my kids about choosing to donate clothes and toys when we don’t need them anymore, and how they then go on to kids who don’t have any toys and who can’t afford new clothes from the shops. They started getting involved and telling me which toys they wanted to give to another child. It was heart warming!”

We are so glad that Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors could make life easier for Larissa and her family through our free collection service, but we are even more excited to hear that she got her family involved in the donating process. How wonderful that her children are beginning to value helping other families who have less… this is how the world becomes that little bit kinder!

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