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Early October 2021 we had a large batman car donated. It sat on the back veranda for a few weeks as it was a little broken so it wouldn’t work properly and we weren’t sure if anyone would want to buy it and fix it.

A few weeks later, we had a customer come into our new Warners Bay Op Shop and ask about how much it was. Lesley said “we’ll sell it for $5”. We knew it would be worth a few hundred brand new but even though it was still shiny, it wouldn’t function as intended.

The customer was so delighted she paid $10 as she wanted a batman car for her young daughter with disabilities. The daughter would sit in it and use her imagination and wouldn’t notice it “didn’t work”. 

A win for the daughter, a win for the Mum, and a win for us!

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Church 4 Life

Gail Taylor

Managing Director

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