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From mid January 2021 Fiji had 6 cyclones rip through their tiny island nation one after the other, bringing much devastation, particularly in poor communities. Our church partners in Fiji sent us an SOS to help. We passed on the call to our local community for urgent donations of Fiji Friendly aka summer clothes. Within hours donations were being delivered to the church hall at Boolaroo. The next day we had 39 different families drop off clothes!

ABC Radio Newcastle even interviewed Gail to help get the word out about.

Community groups got together to help – A big shout out to the Stroud District Country Club and Karen for organising a clothing drive for Fiji!!

Craig and Annette drove all the way down to deliver an entire carload today!! Amazing job Stroud Community!!!

Within a couple of weeks, we had the first shipping container baled, loaded and ready to go. 

As donations continued to flow in, we were able to send a second container.

All the costs were covered through Church 4 Life Charities to empower the people of Fiji who had lost so much. Our low ball calculation of the value of the clothes we sent over to help is in excess of $600, 000.

Thank you to all our fabulous donors and to all our team members who pulled together to get the donations in and processed quickly and on their way to help.


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Church 4 Life

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