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Late February 2020.  Coronavirus was a China thing. Isolation was a thing bad prisoners were sent to. Lock down meant securing a lock. JobKeeper hadn’t been invented. And we were very innocent of what this year would bring.

In our only Op Shop at Tanilba Bay Trish was offered a pallet of toilet paper for free.

“We rarely get toilet paper at our op shops yet, it may take a year to sell, maybe she could send some to the church and charity office to be used… we didn’t really need a pallet load, but it is free…” Trish debated inside head. “Yet some inside insisted I say yes and get a pallet in.”

The truck arrived and unloaded the pallet of toilet paper late Tuesday afternoon. The next day the media sent everyone into a Toilet Paper Buying Frenzy! Our whole pallet was gone in a matter of hours, without one word of advertising. And we’d kept some for our church, office and shop.

This miracle of a rare pallet of toilet paper coming at just the right moment was a miracle. We know God whispered to Trish that day and said, “Say yes to the pallet.”

Our customers were super thankful for this, our first Covid miracle.

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Church 4 Life

Gail Taylor

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