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When you have a fleet of vehicles on the road every day, particularly when they are the age of ours, you have to expect a few bingles and break downs.

We’ve had everything from minor bingles to writing off two vans in less than 18 hours! We’ve had a tyre bounce off our trailer and down the road, a van decide to stop at the main traffic lights at Wyong and refuse to move, gear boxes falling apart mid trip, engines overheating and tyres going flat on the freeway.

We’ve had a traffic fine or two as well… those speed cameras at Ourimbah have caught us a few times going just over 40km in the slow zone.

Yes, our vehicles give us many adventures and have kept our good friends at Steve O’Connor Smash Repairs, AAA Mechanics and Cardiff Wreckers busy over the last decade.

Yet with all the adventures and bingles, we have never had any major injuries. We’ve had shock, a bruise or two and one case of whiplash, but no serious injuries to us or the public. Seeing as we regularly pray protection on all our team and particularly our team out on the road, this is a miracle that happens over and over.

Thank you, God and our Guardian Angels, for keeping everyone safe!


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Church 4 Life

Gail Taylor

Managing Director

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