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One of the first significant losses was when Paul’s mobile phone disappeared into a container on its way to Bulgaria! It was too late to go after it once we’d figured out it was lost. Oops!

Over the years we’ve had a items lost and found. It’s hard when you are moving hundreds or thousands of every day items around. Jewellery can fly off, jackets removed and accidently baled, drink bottles processed as donations.

In July 2023 we had 2 significant losses and finds within just hours after each other.

Late one afternoon Kristi was finishing her day when she realised her wedding and engagement rings were no longer on her finger. She said a prayer and went back through her steps. It was a miracle when she found them in the wheelie bin where she had emptied inside rubbish into a short while before! Thank you Jesus!

The very next morning Jye was unloading donations from his van when he also realised his wedding ring had disappeared. In a van full of bags it could have gone anywhere! Unsurprisingly it was very upsetting for him. The team gather around him to pray and to search and in a large space, God led us right to his tiny ring. One more miracle!

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