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It can be a shock when you watch your phone drop out of your pocket onto the ground. You hold your breath and pray it’s ok.

In 2017 Bayne’s phone didn’t just fall out of his pocket but it fell under a 40′, 20 tonne full shipping container!!! That wasn’t due to leave until the next day. We had no way of getting under the container to see if it was ok or to get it out. It’s very dark in that tiny few millimetres under a ginormous container.

All we could do was pray the phone was ok and the truck could come early to lift the container. Richard called the trucking company to see if they could come early. It would be a few hours but they’d try to squeeze us in that day.

Miraculously the truck arrived before dark and we were delighted to find a totally undamaged, perfectly working phone sitting quietly on the concrete! Thank you God!




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Church 4 Life

Gail Taylor

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