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20 May 2016 – Meet Paul. Here Paul is changing the tyre on one of our vans after checking the brakes. As a qualified mechanic he has spent many hours fixing our vehicles, sometimes late at night so we have them ready to go for collections the next day. Paul also has the best forklifting skills around! It is magic to watch him move those heavy bales!

Paul shares: “When I was 15 years old I had a dream in which I was working on a fleet of white vans for Richard and the church. At the time it seemed ridiculous that my church would have a bunch of white vans, but here I am today using my skills with Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors. I believe that was a dream from God about my future and it’s cool to see it come true.”

Paul was our first volunteer after Richard. He saved us thousands on vehicle repair bills. A much-needed gift to a baby charity.

Since Paul has moved on to new work, he has popped by from time to time to give a hand and given advise over the phone. Thanks Paul! As much as we love our friends at AAA Mechanics, it’s great to have a tradie on team.

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