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2015 – Meet Brenton. Here he is unloading our truck from a day collection all your wonderful donations. Brenton is one of our cyclist as well as a collector so you may catch him out on his pushy one day putting a blue bag in your mailbox or jumping out the truck to collect your bags.

Brenton says: “After stapling tens of thousands of bags as a volunteer over the second half of 2015 I thought I’d seen the last of those blue bags. Then I came to the warehouse… lol. Now I cycle and walk hundreds of kilometres putting them into mailboxes! I love collecting full blue bags and knowing my hard work is making the world a better place.”

Brenton was one of our heroes for a few years, where he learnt new skills and we helped him to get licenses that helped to then move onto a new chapter in his career. Brenton was a miracle gift to us with his strength, high work ethic and willingness to do whatever was needed.

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Church 4 Life

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