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July 2018

Over the years we have been blessed to include international students from Newcastle University in our team. Some were on their way to permanently becoming Aussies and some were here for a short time to get their degree before heading back to their home country.

India was a long way from Cardiff for Swapnil, and Rohini (pictured). Nigeria, Brazil and Zimbabwe even further away for Somi, Wilson, Prince and Aporosa. For Lagi and Lesi from Fiji not so far away but home still felt far away.

As they worked with us, our team became their family and support. Helping them learn Aussie culture and the joys of magpie season.

One amazing miracle was Lesi’s. He joined us in May 2018 as a warehouse hand. Here on a scholarship to earn his Masters of Education, Lesi saw our ad and took the opportunity to earn a few extra dollars. His hard work quickly paid off and in the July break he was able to make a surprise visit home to Fiji to see his wife and kids. Because of the cost when he left in February, they didn’t expect to see him again until Christmas. Joy!

Another amazing miracle was that Swapnil thought he was apply for Newcastle Uni in England and oops, ending up Down Under. We were super excited to have his hardworking, happy self on our team. He still holds the record for the most blue bags distributed on foot in one day. That’s pretty good for a highly qualified commercial architect!

We love having international students as part of our team and providing them a local family of support and work flexibility around studies. We are always happy for them when they graduate but sad to see them go.

Their time with us gives them not only money for living, but also a valuable insight into an industry very different from the industry they are studying in. We call this a win.

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Gail Taylor

Managing Director

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