Church 4 Life

29 July 2016

Sue from Cardiff was part of a miracle receiving and a miracle giving.

As Sue read her blue bag, she noticed it said we give out Food Hampers. She summoned her courage to do something she had never done before – ask for help with food. Struggling to make ends meet on an illness pension and with the high food costs of a strict gluten free diet her pantry was almost empty, like her purse. She didn’t ask for much, just some basics like tea, sugar and fruit. She was extremely thankful last year to receive a food hamper of basics like tea, fruit and veg from us.

Life has turned around for Sue and she has just started a new job. Her first big spend was to buy us a couple of food hampers to pay it forward for the help she had received from Church 4 Life. This is the gluten free hamper she put together for us. Good quality food to bless someone else.

Thank you so much Sue! We were blessed to help you and thrilled with your gifts that we can bless someone else with.

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Gail Taylor

Managing Director

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