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Deewan, Forlecky, Bombola and JJ arrived in Australia from Nigeria in late April 2016 with just a handful of suitcases and a big bunch of dreams. They had to set up life from scratch. They needed EVERYTHING! From work, to a car, to a house, to furniture, dinner plates, bedding, even toys for the kids. We were delighted to be able to help them out from donations generously given by the community to help those in need.

“I can’t thank Church 4 Life enough. They helped us set up home, find work and gave us warm clothes and blankets for this FREEZING winter weather. Thank you Lord Jesus for connecting us with Church 4 Life!”- Deewan

Deewan helped us collect donations for a few weeks until he got a full-time job. Working with us helped him learn his way around Newcastle, meet new people and understand Aussie culture.

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Church 4 Life

Gail Taylor

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