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Zac’s workplace became very divisive and discriminatory so he had to leave. With a family of ten and a baby on the way he needed to find a way to support them all. With only random shifts the sparse income was not enough, but as a man of strong morals and principals he knew he would have to find another way.

“I trust in the Lord,” he said. “God is my Father, helper and provider.”

An answer to his prayers came when friends told him they had heard about a job opening at Church 4 Life Charities and he applied. “It was a good interview,” he said, pleased that he got the job.

“It fits in with [care of] my boys and I love working in a group. I love the people and I have good leaders. I’m really enjoying myself here. I’m moving up and down in warehouse and there is always something going on.

I am really grateful to God and Church 4 Life. I’m so grateful for what they offer so I can work to provide for my family. ”

Zac told us about three weeks when he didn’t have work before this position started. “Why are you not working anymore?” his kids had asked, but now they are so happy that he is working. “I want to be a positive role model for my kids. This is such a blessing.”

Zac smiled, his enthusiasm growing as he spoke. “It’s not just the job. Working here helped me find the shop. I purchase good quality clothes for my kids in the Op Shop and the money goes further. It’s so easy. And it’s great that I can make donations too. It is much simpler than how I was previously trying to source things from Gumtree and Facebook.”

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