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Tammy went from a place of hopelessness to a place of confidence. She is now a pivotal part of our Church 4 Life team as she walks and distributes blue donation bags into the mailboxes of the local community everyday and we rarely see her without a big smile on her face, however life wasn’t always this way for Tammy.

“When I first came to Church 4 Life Charities, I was all over the place, both emotionally and mentally. I had lost my way in life and didn’t know where or who to turn to; then I ended up being sent to Church 4 Life by Work for the Dole.

I met some amazing people who took their time to not only listen to me but to offer encouragement and much needed advice. I began to find myself once more because Church 4 Life changed my life by offering me the support and guidance that I needed.

I came to Church 4 Life on the verge of suicide and battling bipolar. They gave me the chance to open up without the fear of intimidation and with great support. They listened when I needed to rant and understood my bad days.

By offering me a job they changed my life tenfold. I am a much better person now and I am in a good place in life and am more confident”

Tammy’s story is one of radical change. By offering the support, guidance and a listening ear, she now knows how valued she is and how much she has to offer. We are so glad we got the chance to meet and work with her, Tammy is such a blessing to have in our team.

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Managing Director

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