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Lynette’s social life has improved tremendously as she has created great friendships with those she volunteered with every week.

“I was an empty nester and had some spare time. While I was at a Church 4 Life Garage Sale I saw a flyer asking for volunteers and the ladies encouraged me to come along. I ended up working at 2 different charities so I could have something to do and interact with other people. I eventually started working 5 days at Church 4 Life Charities sorting through and packing a mountain of toys and household items that go to our op shops and overseas.

Since volunteering at Church 4 Life Charities, my social life has improved tremendously. I’ve made great friends and we all go out for lunch and celebrate birthdays together out of work. It can be hard to make friends as a mature woman, but with the friends I’ve made through volunteering we just pick up where we left off and I can talk to them about personal stuff if I want to.”

Lynette not only participates in the working side of Church 4 Life Charities but also in the community social events.

“I used to go to the garage sale days and I go to ‘Coffee and Chat’ now too. The talks are interesting, you get to hear what’s happening in each others lives, we bring food to share and it’s good just to stay involved”

Her kind heart is evident to us all as we have witnessed Lynette over the past 4.5 years be incredibly generous with her time, be a part of special Christmas packing projects and she even makes creative gifts for the op shops to sell by growing succulents and plants in tea cups. We are happy to hear that Lynette has been positively impacted  through the social aspect of volunteering.


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