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Emma & Shauna were talking with their other sister Leigh at a family birthday celebration when they all decided that for Christmas they wanted to do experiences instead of gifts. They found Hampers With Heart on Facebook and decided to volunteer at the Hamper Packing Day.

“That sounds like a really good event to go to!” Emma said.
“And she roped me into it,” Shauna added with a smile.
“Our sister was going to come too,” Emma continued, “But unfortunately, she got called into work at the last minute. But she is with us in spirit.”

They brought lots of donations with them and dressed for the occasion in their Christmas shirts and big smiles.
“It’s not quite the 1st of December, but it’s close enough. It’s getting into the spirit for the day.”

Shauna started to share about what she was enjoying about the Hampers With Heart Packing Day.
“It’s nice to feel like your giving something useful, a nice gift, some food and some treats and to feel like you’re giving to people that need it, rather than some of the other stuff you do at Christmas time.
It is nice to remember the whole point of the season!” Shauna looked at Emma and they both burst out laughing.

“I think it’s community for us,” Emma continued, ” We’re not part of this church, I’m personally newer to Newcastle, but to be a part of the community today anyway, is really good.”

“Often I just put money into things,”Shauna said,”but I like this, where I can also bring some donations, and to also physically pack the hampers.”

If you would like to donate to Hampers With Heart, we accept financial donations all year (click the Give Life tab above) and grocery items and gifts at our Op Shops through the month of November.

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