Ash tells her story: “5 years ago I was depressed, lacked confidence and was struggling with my mental health. Since applying for, and starting, a driver’s role at Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors 4 years ago my life has changed dramatically. Over the 4 years of working for Church 4 Life I have worked my way up, from Collections driver to Donor Services Team Leader.  The Team and Leaders have helped me come out of my shell and gain the confidence I have today. This in turn has helped with all my relationships, especially my marriage. Sheldon has seen the massive positive change in my life and welcomes in with open arms. Sheldon has also got involved by volunteering his time to bale clothing when the warehouse was overflowing. We both enjoy helping others as much as we can, and Church 4 Life has given us the opportunity to do what we love.”


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Gail Taylor

Managing Director

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