Retired and bored Allan decided to look for part time work to fill his days. He found our ad for drivers and applied thinking one or two days a week would suit him fine.

We love helping people “Re-tread” instead of retiring as we love the decades of experience and skills seniors can bring to our team, so we were delighted to invite Allan to join our team. He started as a casual doing a couple of shifts a week and quickly feel in love with the job and so came on full time.

Allan is one of our superheroes, showing us all that age doesn’t stop you from doing a hard day’s work with enthusiasm. His awesome work ethic and positive attitude is inspiring the young guns like Jayden & Owen to see the kind of legends they can still be in a few decades time.

Allan is a happier man for being part of our team, which makes his wife happier too. We are also happier having Allan in our team. We call this a win, win, win!


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Managing Director

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