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In May 2016, our charity was so small that donations weren’t processed every day. One day we got a phone call from a kind donor named Megan who was very upset as she’d accidentally donated her Grandma’s yellow jumper the day before. Thankfully we hadn’t done any baling that day so we said a quick prayer and dived into the mountain of donations, checking every black bag for Grandma’s jumper.

And thank you Jesus we found it!

Meghan was so relieved to pick up her most treasured memento of her Grandma. A huge miracle! Meghan visited our warehouse and was delighted to see what we do and hear how big an impact her donations of clothes makes.

My Grandma passed away recently and the team here have been very kind and helpful in receiving her clothes. It’s good to know Grandma’s clothes will go to help others in need.”- Meghan

It wasn’t much after this that we grew to the size that all donations were processed the same day they arrived. If this had happened a few months later Grandma’s jumper would have been in a shipping container on it’s way to Fiji, Africa or Bulgaria, never to be found.

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