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As Christmas neared Sarah faced the loss of her job and doing something she hadn’t done for a long time – applying for a new job. Happy Christmas Sarah!

As a long-time supporter of Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors she had seen our ads for drivers over the years and decided to reach out to us to see if we had any jobs going. Miraculously it was the right time for us as we were just about to advertise for more casual drivers to cover the summer holidays.

Understandably nervous in the interview Sarah asked, “I have been a part time carer for a young lady for a couple of decades and I have elderly parents who I also care for part time. Is there any way I can have regularly days so I can still doing my carers roles?”

At Church 4 Life Charities we believe that our families are more important than our jobs, so we were delighted to say yes to Sarah’s request.

Sarah loves being one of our Collectors. She enjoys the treasure hunt each day of seeing which homes have placed donations out next to their letterboxes.

“I’ve always done what I can to help my community. In this job I help make donating clothes super easy for people. I also enjoy saying “G’day” to donors if they are in their yard when I stop by,” Sarah says. “I’m so thankful I have a job that aligns with my personal values of family first and serving my community.”

We love having Sarah on our team. She does a great job! Next time you put out some bags for donations keep an eye out for her smiling face as she may just collect from your home!


P.s. This is a different Sarah from the one with 5 kids 🙂


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