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Driving around Lismore and its surrounding towns in April felt like something you’d see in a horror film…
An almost deserted town, piles of damaged items strewn across the 
streets and muddy water marks left on the outside of buildings indicate where catastrophic floodwaters once resided.

‘Why were we in Lismore?’ we hear you ask…

Lismore Library devastatingly had to throw out almost 30,000 of its books due to being flooded. People had kindly already donated clothing, food and household goods to the town (so much that they couldn’t accept any more), but books are not as easy to replace.  

Incredibly, through the generosity of our donors, Church 4 Life Charities had boxes and boxes of books sitting in our warehouse waiting for a home and we knew that Lismore was the perfect place for them to go!

So we hired a van, filled it with the 10,000 books that weighed 1 Tonne, and drove 9 hours up to Lismore (yes, even with the price of petrol being crazy!)  to deliver the books to our contacts at the Library.

Michael, Annette and Lucy from the library were SO grateful that 1/3 of their books had just been replaced in 1 giant donation. We let them know that it came from the generous donors in the Hunter and Central Coast regions and it was our honour to help them in their time of need.

Your donations make a big difference friends, so please continue to donate to us, and in return, we will continue helping communities in any way we can, especially when a natural disaster occurs.

Your donations have helped Lismore Library, Lismore TAFE and local schools that have lost books. If you would like to do more to help out the Lismore area, go to Lismore Library website to find our more.

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