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Hope Seedling is a small local charity that we are honoured to partner with. They specialize in helping people suffering domestic violence and homelessness. We had already partnered with them for Hampers With Heart 2023 giving them a bunch of hampers that included gifts. These were very thankfully received as more than ever before Hope Seedling was seeing whole families in their area now living in cars due to the fast rise in cost of housing.

When we finished handing out our Hampers With Heart for Christmas 2023 we unexpected had a few box hampers left over. Gail felt these were like the left over loaves and fishes from when Jesus Christ fed 4,000+ and 5,000+ people. Gail said a quick prayer “Jesus, who are these hampers for? Who needs them this Christmas?” Immediately she heard Jesus tell her to give them to Hope Seedling. Gail delegated this task to Ash as she headed out for her Christmas holidays late Friday afternoon.

Part way through the next week Ash sends Gail a text message. Ash had been so busy she hadn’t contacted Hope Seedling yet when suddenly she felt this strong feeling that she needed to call them right away, which she did. She was amazed to hear that just ten minutes before they had discovered they needed 10 hampers urgently. They did not know who to ask so close to Christmas. The Hope Seedling did the only thing they could do – they stopped and prayed, asking Jesus for help. Moments later Ash called them and offered 10 hampers from our unexpected leftovers. What an amazing miracle!!!

Jesus knew in advance we would need 10 extra hampers in the last minute before Christmas to provide food, hope and love to 10 families in our community. He spoke to Ash just as Hope Seedling prayed, giving her that internal urge to “Call now!”. What an amazing miracle for our team and theirs to be part of! What an amazing miracle for each family who received last minute hope. I wonder how many of those 10 families were also praying…


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