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Granny Joy was one of our favourite Church 4 Life church members for many years. She volunteered with us in many roles over the years, including at our Cardiff Warehouse in her 90’s!!!

In late 2018, Granny’s dementia required her to move into the Opal Aged Care at Mt Hutton, where she promptly spread her joy with everyone there. On New Year’s Eve 2021 Granny went to bed and woke up in heaven.


As her family thanked the team at Opal for their wonderful care of Granny, they asked if there was anything they could donate to help the residents in the dementia ward. Kathryn suggested that maybe some baby dolls would be helpful.

Granny’s daughter Jo then reached out to us asking if we had baby dolls and a cradle she could purchase for this beautiful gift.

We loved the idea so much that our team of volunteers got super excited and put toge

ther a care package of boxes of books, puzzles, simple games and toys and hand knitted lap blankets to donate to the lovely people at Opal. It really helped that Sue has worked in a dementia unit in aged care and she knew what they would really like.

It was an honour for us, Granny Joy’s  favourite charity, to make a donation in her memory to help other residents at Opal Mt Hutton have more fun in their days.


If you know an Aged Care Centre, Homeless or Domestic Violence Refuge, Preschool, School or other community group that would love a donation of books, dvds or cds, please reach out to us here to see how we can help.


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