Church 4 Life

Congratulations Church 4 Life on 10 years of hard work and making a positive difference in your community and around the world. Most people don’t realise how desperately needed your services are, but for those that are struggling with money or rising costs, low cost food and clothing are absolutely essential for them to have enough food to eat or clothes to wear or finding stuff to look presentable at an interview and get that job. Working with those who are homeless and needing temporary accommodation each day has highlighted to me how absolutely essential your service is.

Working at Church 4 Life were some of my best days, I got to do some really awesome stuff and grew alot in skills and personally. I met amazing people and mentors and friends and I will forever be greatly that I got to be a part of the adventure in this 10 year journey.

Keep up the amazing work you wonderful group of people!!!!

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Church 4 Life

Gail Taylor

Managing Director

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