Anita heard about Hampers With Heart in 2022 and offered two nominations and wanted to help more, but couldn’t at the time. So she was eager to help at the Hamper Packing Party in 2023! She already has plans to do more in 2024, by increasing her donations too. “I really love that the hampers […]

Emma & Shauna

Emma & Shauna were talking with their other sister Leigh at a family birthday celebration when they all decided that for Christmas they wanted to do experiences instead of gifts. They found Hampers With Heart on Facebook and decided to volunteer at the Hamper Packing Day. “That sounds like a really good event to go […]


Peter heard about Hampers With Heart at a Church 4 Life church service, and he was keen share about his experience at the Hamper Packing Day. He had brought a family member with him and the two of them were working on their hampers together. “I’ve never done this before,” he told us,” but I’ve […]


Marian is a recently retired nurse and heard about Hampers With Heart on Newcastle’s Rhema FM, 99.7. “It’s the only station I listen to,” she told us enthusiastically. Marion explained that while she was working, she was pleased to be able to drop gift items for the Hampers With Heart at the Church 4 Life […]


Church 4 Life

“The goodies in the hamper nearly filled my small pantry!” Nover was nominated to receive from Hampers with Heart and was delighted by the surprise. “A young lady driver with a big smile brought the hamper. She was so nice and bubbly.” Someone from the community saw Nover’s difficult situation and nominated her, knowing she […]

Romaine & Nick

Church 4 Life

“What is this?” Romaine asked, when the the delivery came from Hampers with Heart. The boys gathered around trying to see inside the boxes and bags. “Are they presents?!” they asked with excitement. The whole family had been facing one difficulty after another through out the year.  Both parents had their work contracts finish up […]

Janine & Tim

Church 4 Life

“A small gesture… came with so much love when we were in the thick of it.” After receiving their delivery from Hampers With Heart, Janine and Tim wanted to share their story. “2022 has been a huge year for our family with the typical challenges of jobs and school, as well as two babies under […]


Church 4 Life

This year we had the privilege of working together with Kim from Home In Place in Maitland and Cessnock to deliver Hampers with Heart to those who need it most. One of the staff from Home in Place heard about Hampers with Heart and knew that they the two charities could work together to make […]


Church 4 Life

“I can do that!” Jenny thought when she heard about Hampers with Heart Packing Day, and she brought her husband and a friend along with her. “I saw it first on Facebook. I listened to Gail announcing it there and then scrolled past, but then I felt the Lord take me back to it and […]

James and Ellen

Church 4 Life

When our Hampers with Heart delivery driver arrived at the address there was only a builder there, and no building! It was a construction site! After asking the helpful builder and then checking the details the driver called the family and confirmed it was, in fact, the right address. The family had planned to be […]