Peter has lots of tattoos and an absolute heart of gold. He uses his skills, socialising and servant heart to help out where he can. “As a volunteer, Church 4 Life gives me incentive to look forward to going there and helping staff to provide a duty of care to people who are struggling with […]


Lynette’s social life has improved tremendously as she has created great friendships with those she volunteered with every week. “I was an empty nester and had some spare time. While I was at a Church 4 Life Garage Sale I saw a flyer asking for volunteers and the ladies encouraged me to come along. I […]


Tammy went from a place of hopelessness to a place of confidence. She is now a pivotal part of our Church 4 Life team as she walks and distributes blue donation bags into the mailboxes of the local community everyday and we rarely see her without a big smile on her face, however life wasn’t […]


Sue has a powerful story of once needing support herself to now providing support to others. “In 2013 I had to leave my role in Management after being diagnosed with Menieres Disease. I was tired all the time, and my husband became my carer. I had lost my independence, I had depression and we eventually […]


Jean is one of our wonderful staff members who has worked with us since 2013 (9 years). She recently shared her experience about working in Church 4 Life Op Shops and what causes her to be passionate about charity work. “I started working as a retail assistant at a Church 4 Life Op Shop 2 […]


You won’t meet a nicer guy than Rod, one of our collection drivers here at Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors. “In 2019 I was looking for work and applied for a Driving job with Church 4 Life Charities, but the position had already been filled, however, while I was chatting to the girl on the […]


Mother of 5, Emma, has endured hardship that most of us could never imagine but has now found purpose in helping others. “In August 2019 my 16 month old daughter was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma – Stage 4. I was in shock for weeks and this news felt like someone had […]


  How Church 4 Life Charities helped move Gail from Chronic Illness to Managing Director.   “2013 was a very, very bad year for me and by December my body had decided enough was enough. I became very ill with Adjustment Disorder (which is a fancy word for Burn Out). I went from a very […]