Jennifer joined our team at Cardiff Op Shop in 2023. Unfortunately, she had lost her small business due to Covid and so was delighted to find an opportunity to work with us. Jennifer’s experience working in the second-hand market gave her a depth of knowledge to bring to our team and her caring heart has […]


Church 4 Life

When Chelsea moved to Lake Macquarie in late 2022 she was looking for a fresh start in life. She didn’t have a job and only knew one person in the area. She found out our Warners Bay Op Shop was looking for volunteers so she applied and joined our team. At first Chelsea only planned […]


Church 4 Life

My name is CJ and when my health crashed I couldn’t work in childcare anymore. But I found a new career after starting as a volunteer at Church 4 Life Charities, in a position that could work around my health needs. I first volunteered for Church 4 Life Charities in October 2016. I had a […]

Jye, Rhiannon & Family

Church 4 Life

When we met Jye in January we had no idea about his family situation, we simply knew the man who turned up for the interview was a good man and a good fit for our team. At the beginning of April Gail was asking staff to share their story, or to ask their “Better Half” […]

Ash & Sheldon

Church 4 Life

Ash tells her story: “5 years ago I was depressed, lacked confidence and was struggling with my mental health. Since applying for, and starting, a driver’s role at Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors 4 years ago my life has changed dramatically. Over the 4 years of working for Church 4 Life I have worked my […]


Church 4 Life

As Christmas neared Sarah faced the loss of her job and doing something she hadn’t done for a long time – applying for a new job. Happy Christmas Sarah! As a long-time supporter of Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors she had seen our ads for drivers over the years and decided to reach out to […]


Church 4 Life

Retired and bored Allan decided to look for part time work to fill his days. He found our ad for drivers and applied thinking one or two days a week would suit him fine. We love helping people “Re-tread” instead of retiring as we love the decades of experience and skills seniors can bring to […]

Jayden & Owen

Church 4 Life

“I haven’t seen Jayden laughing and happy like this in a long time. Thank you so much!” Jayden’s Mum said to Gail in our Op Shop last week. Jayden and Owen both started volunteering with us a couple of months apart. Previous workplaces had left them feeling pretty low and then unemployment left them bored […]


Church 4 Life

Homeless for 2 years due to Covid, Colin had lost his job and was looking for a way to house himself, his wife, his four kids and his mother-in-law when Church 4 Life Charities had a job opening. “My sister had a place with a flat at the back. She had one of my kids […]


Church 4 Life

Nathan shares his story with us: “I discovered Church for Life through a contact and applied for a driving position. This was during the peak Covid time and coming by work was tough. The team was friendly and welcoming. Nothing was too hard or unable to be overcome together. Teamwork, trust and positivity was emphasised, […]