Physical limitations don’t stop Maria when it comes to gardening, plants and showing up! She gives what she can and 80% of success is simply showing up! So Maria is as successful as they come! “I like that Church 4 Life accommodates my disabilities so I can volunteer” Maria has mobility issues and physical/mental disabilities […]


Liz didn’t think she had a story until we started chatting about her journey with Church 4 Life Charities and how she was led here. “I had become a Christian not long before receiving my Cancer diagnosis and felt a peace that everything was going to be okay. I had some major surgery and unbelievably […]


One of the biggest benefits of volunteering is the social aspect, but when your family notice a positive difference in you, that makes it all worthwhile! “I found out about Church 4 Life while looking for some volunteer work online. I found doing volunteering has many rewards, people in my family have noticed a difference […]


When a tough start to life leads to finding a family that lasts for eternity!   “I was not wanted by the woman supposed to be my mother. Met The Lord at a very young age and have been a follower of The Lord thanks to my Grandparents. Praise him!”   This wonderful person attends […]


Lynette’s social life has improved tremendously as she has created great friendships with those she volunteered with every week. “I was an empty nester and had some spare time. While I was at a Church 4 Life Garage Sale I saw a flyer asking for volunteers and the ladies encouraged me to come along. I […]


You won’t meet a nicer guy than Rod, one of our collection drivers here at Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors. “In 2019 I was looking for work and applied for a Driving job with Church 4 Life Charities, but the position had already been filled, however, while I was chatting to the girl on the […]