If YOU are reading this it is likely that your life has been changed, even a smidgen, by your connection through Church 4 Life and our Charities. Some life changes are dramatic and have a ripple effect that impacts lives around them like the stories of Gail, Ali and Jean. Some are little changes that […]

Zaylee & Alexa

Like most 4 year olds Zaylee and Alexa love to play and can never have too many toys. They also grow out of their toys fast. They LOVE our Warners Bay Op Shop! Their Mum Emma is thankful that the op shop helps her teach Zaylee and Alexa how to declutter their books, toys, games […]


When Chelsea moved to Lake Macquarie in late 2022 she was looking for a fresh start in life. She didn’t have a job and only knew one person in the area. She found out our Warners Bay Op Shop was looking for volunteers so she applied and joined our team. At first Chelsea only planned […]


Springloaded knows all about kids with loads of energy and how quickly they can get bored, particularly in the school holidays. They are all about provided safe and fun places to learn and play. Our Op Shop staff also know how bored kids can drive their parents nuts. We know kids grow out of their […]


I always enjoy having Gail come and share with us on my radio show Mornings With Laurel on Rhema FM Newcastle. As someone who loves fashion and shopping, I love to hear how my donations to Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors and my purchases from Op Shops help people who are struggling. Church 4 Life helps […]


Susie’s Mum Sarah shares her story: We have been doing a lot of de-cluttering in our house and Susie (12) was doing the same in her room which meant her beloved soft toys had to be sorted through. When Susie was younger she used her birthday money to buy a huge teddy – it was […]


Mandy was really struggling to pay the rent and have money for groceries. She contacted our Tanilba Bay Op Shop and was helped with a food hamper. She says “My mental health has really been affected by my situation, so it was so nice to be shown this kindness. Thank you, Church 4 Life Charities!” […]

Kaye, Matt & Khloe

When Kaye, Matt & Khloe come into our Warners Bay Op Shop they straight away head to their 3 favourite rooms. Khloe heads for the toys. Kaye heads for the clothes and shoes and Matt goes to the food room. They love looking for treasures and bargains, and they know they will find good things here […]


Zac’s workplace became very divisive and discriminatory so he had to leave. With a family of ten and a baby on the way he needed to find a way to support them all. With only random shifts the sparse income was not enough, but as a man of strong morals and principals he knew he […]


“The goodies in the hamper nearly filled my small pantry!” Nover was nominated to receive from Hampers with Heart and was delighted by the surprise. “A young lady driver with a big smile brought the hamper. She was so nice and bubbly.” Someone from the community saw Nover’s difficult situation and nominated her, knowing she […]