Jane booked in a pick up online and we asked why she had chosen to donate to our charity? This was her wonderful response. “The bags come in the letterbox and it is easy to leave bags out on the day specified as I have mobility issues. I have shopped in op shops for many […]

Corinne and Al

After Corinne’s husband passed away, she found hope, purpose (and unexpectedly, LOVE) again at Church 4 Life Charities. “Church 4 life made such a difference in my life… for a while my purpose was just supporting my husband (who had cancer) but once I’d lost my husband, what was I going to do?… so I […]


Helping Kayla, a Gen Z  in the aftermath of Covid19 so she can attain further skills and move forward in her career. “I left my previous job because of vaccine mandates, and Church 4 Life was gracious enough to provide me with a job. I’m now in retail sales for their Op Shop and moving […]


Sandra found it difficult finding suitable department store clothing, but found what she was looking for at our Op Shop. “When I had a back injury, I was looking for clothing that did not have a seam near my injury so it wouldn’t be aggravated. Most clothes in most stores have seams so it was […]


Mother of 4, Cherie, had severe anxiety and depression but found confidence and purpose by taking a step of faith. “After starting work with Church 4 Life last year, my life has been changed so dramatically. As a busy mother of 4 children, I haven’t worked in 18 years and over the past 4 years […]