Julie shares how her life has been changed through the opportunities Church 4 Life Charities has given her to teach her granddaughter the way to help people. “They make it easy for me to show her that both donating goods and buying from op shops is a really good way to help our community.” Julie’s […]


When you visit our Woodrising Op Shop you will meet the bubbly, smart, creative and super friendly Debbie. Being a butterfly, she also does shifts in our Cardiff and Warners Bay Op Shops and even in our Contact Centre on Wednesdays! From a varied career Debbie blesses us with skills from a range of industries […]


Bella tells her story: “Church 4 Life Charities changed my life by giving me a positive workplace where I get to help people every day. Helping a customer improve their day is why I now come home with a smile on my face 🙂 I’ve learnt so much to Nettie’s great training.” Bella did a […]


Emma loves being part of our team at our Cardiff Op Shop. She says “The volunteers here are outstanding! They bring a smile to my face every day.”  She enjoys getting to know our regular customers. “They are beautiful people. My friendship circle has grown.” Emma didn’t expect that. She is super thankful to God […]


From her youngest years Isabel lived with domestic violence at its worst. Life was so difficult that by 12 years old she was suicidal. Fast forward to her adulthood, she believed “I was only good enough to cook, clean and be a mother.” As a person she felt she was worthless. Her only value doing […]

Aruma at The Show

Aruma is a local disability services charity. They reached out to us for donations of goods to set up a sensory sensitive safe space at Newcastle Show 2024 for people to retreat from overstimulation as needed. Church 4 Life Charities was proud to provide them with a bunch of items from our Warners Bay Op […]


“Edgey” is one of those wonderful people who cares about the families in her preschool. She is happy to reach into her own pocket to help others when it’s needed but with the high cost of living Edgey’s budget has also felt the squeeze.  So, she had to reach out to us on behalf of […]


Jennifer joined our team at Cardiff Op Shop in 2023. Unfortunately, she had lost her small business due to Covid and so was delighted to find an opportunity to work with us. Jennifer’s experience working in the second-hand market gave her a depth of knowledge to bring to our team and her caring heart has […]


Church 4 Life

If YOU are reading this it is likely that your life has been changed, even a smidgen, by your connection through Church 4 Life and our Charities. Some life changes are dramatic and have a ripple effect that impacts lives around them like the stories of Gail, Ali and Jean. Some are little changes that […]

Zaylee & Alexa

Church 4 Life

Like most 4 year olds Zaylee and Alexa love to play and can never have too many toys. They also grow out of their toys fast. They LOVE our Warners Bay Op Shop! Their Mum Emma is thankful that the op shop helps her teach Zaylee and Alexa how to declutter their books, toys, games […]