If YOU are reading this it is likely that your life has been changed, even a smidgen, by your connection through Church 4 Life and our Charities. Some life changes are dramatic and have a ripple effect that impacts lives around them like the stories of Gail, Ali and Jean. Some are little changes that […]

Zaylee & Alexa

Like most 4 year olds Zaylee and Alexa love to play and can never have too many toys. They also grow out of their toys fast. They LOVE our Warners Bay Op Shop! Their Mum Emma is thankful that the op shop helps her teach Zaylee and Alexa how to declutter their books, toys, games […]


When Chelsea moved to Lake Macquarie in late 2022 she was looking for a fresh start in life. She didn’t have a job and only knew one person in the area. She found out our Warners Bay Op Shop was looking for volunteers so she applied and joined our team. At first Chelsea only planned […]

Jye, Rhiannon & Family

When we met Jye in January we had no idea about his family situation, we simply knew the man who turned up for the interview was a good man and a good fit for our team. At the beginning of April Gail was asking staff to share their story, or to ask their “Better Half” […]

Suong, Tien & Naomi

Suong’s life changed dramatically when she found Church 4 Life. She tells her story of how her husband Tien, daughter Naomi and her lives have changed through seeing miracles and answers to her prayers. “Tien and I moved from Barnsley to Windale in mid 2018 and were looking for a new church family. We went […]

Chemistworks Boolaroo

Thank you Chemistworks Boolaroo for sponsoring this prize for our Thank You Competition! Natalie was so pleased when her friend Annette asked her if Chemistworks would be a sponsor a prize. The team at Chemistworks have many customers who struggle with mobility issues and would find it very difficult to drop donations at charity bins […]


Springloaded knows all about kids with loads of energy and how quickly they can get bored, particularly in the school holidays. They are all about provided safe and fun places to learn and play. Our Op Shop staff also know how bored kids can drive their parents nuts. We know kids grow out of their […]

The Good Guy

When Emma approached The Good Guys at Warners Bay about sponsoring a prize in our Thank You Competition they were delighted to get involved. Being The Good Guys they are believe in doing good in the community. Their Warners Bay store is just 1.4km away from our Warners Bay Op Shop and warehouse so they are […]


Tracy has been a supporter of Church 4 Life Clothing Collections for a long time. She loves the easiness of the home donations collections, especially with a home business. More than that she’s been amazed at the changes in Debbie‘s life. Debbie and Tracy met at Play Group when their sons were babies 23 years […]


Jacey is a Professional Photographer and Content Creator and shares how her story: “I was introduced to the Church 4 Life Family through my sister-in-law Ash who works for the Charity. I’ve seen the positive changes that they have brought into Ash and Sheldon’s lives. So when there was a big event coming up and […]