If YOU are reading this it is likely that your life has been changed, even a smidgen, by your connection through Church 4 Life and our Charities. Some life changes are dramatic and have a ripple effect that impacts lives around them like the stories of Gail, Ali and Jean. Some are little changes that […]

Jye, Rhiannon & Family

When we met Jye in January we had no idea about his family situation, we simply knew the man who turned up for the interview was a good man and a good fit for our team. At the beginning of April Gail was asking staff to share their story, or to ask their “Better Half” […]

The Good Guy

When Emma approached The Good Guys at Warners Bay about sponsoring a prize in our Thank You Competition they were delighted to get involved. Being The Good Guys they are believe in doing good in the community. Their Warners Bay store is just 1.4km away from our Warners Bay Op Shop and warehouse so they are […]


I am a mother of five beautiful kids. Recently we moved and had so many items to donate. I was getting ready to take them to another charity when a friend of mine told me that Church 4 Life Charities would come and pick up all the clothing and shoes from my letterbox! It would […]


I always enjoy having Gail come and share with us on my radio show Mornings With Laurel on Rhema FM Newcastle. As someone who loves fashion and shopping, I love to hear how my donations to Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors and my purchases from Op Shops help people who are struggling. Church 4 Life helps […]


My family and I feel so happy knowing that my family’s donated clothing is going to a good cause. My sons often grow out of their clothing quickly and it is so easy to put everything into the blue bags and leave them outside for pickup. Donating clothing to Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors makes […]


When Glen’s Mum Liz suddenly passed away recently many people were devastated by her loss. Liz was the person that everyone turned to for help and support. She was a rock to those who loved her and the matriarch of a wide community of people. Stricken with deep grief Glen couldn’t face seeing his Mum’s […]


Susie’s Mum Sarah shares her story: We have been doing a lot of de-cluttering in our house and Susie (12) was doing the same in her room which meant her beloved soft toys had to be sorted through. When Susie was younger she used her birthday money to buy a huge teddy – it was […]


Heather finds it difficult to leave home due to her health challenges. Yet she has found ways to support us from home. Health shares her story: Church 4 Life has always made me feel wanted and appreciated even though I have never been to their church in person. They always ask how I’m going and […]


Nathan shares his story with us: “I discovered Church for Life through a contact and applied for a driving position. This was during the peak Covid time and coming by work was tough. The team was friendly and welcoming. Nothing was too hard or unable to be overcome together. Teamwork, trust and positivity was emphasised, […]