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Join us for Church Online

2 Apr , 2020,
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Church 4 Life is still meeting. We are meeting online.

You can join us Live on Sundays at 10:30am at one of these places:

  1. Our website  Church 4 Life Live
  2. Our Facebook page Church 4 Life Australia
  3. Our YouTube channel Church 4 Life
  4. Retro Cristo’s YouTube Channel

And / or you can catch up with us 24/7 on any of these.

We will be adding extra Love and Light on our Facebook page during the week.

If you need prayer for anything at the moment please feel free to email us at and our church will pray for you.

Let’s keep praying together for our country, our world and our leaders who are doing their best to guide us through this time.


Still Collecting Donations

26 Mar , 2020,

Yes – we are still collecting clothing donations!

At this stage we are still collecting clothes, shoes and linens from your house. If this changes we will let you know.

More than ever we need your donations.

Our team has their PPE and are keeping safe however – if you are in quarantine, self-isolating because coronavirus has come near you, please quarantine your bags too until after 14 days.

To arrange a collection from your house text or call 0466 842 101.

For more information please watch this video and follow us on Facebook



Chip in for Petrol

30 Aug , 2019,
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We love that our work helps our community. 🙂 We love that we help battling Aussies. 🙂 We love that we help the poor overseas. 🙂 We love that we help the environment by reducing landfill. 🙂

We do not love our petrol bill 🙁

Over the past five years we have provided a free collection service to our community by coming to people’s houses (letterboxes actually) to collect clothing donations 4-5 times a year. We are the only charity in the Hunter and Central Coast that does this. We would love to keep providing this free service but we need a little help.

As we all know, the cost of petrol keeps rising. Our trucks and vans drive tens of thousands of kilometres each year collecting blue bags. This adds up to a whole lots of petrol (yes we know our local petrol attendants really well).

Gail, our Business Ops Director says “Donors regularly ask us what more they can do to help us. This is one way you can partner with us to keep our collection vans on the road. We are a small charity so every donation is celebrated by our team.”

This financial year we are expecting a petrol bill of about $60,000. So we are asking you, our donors, to chip in for petrol to help us out.

Just $50 of petrol will rescue 1,140kg of clothes from landfill to give to people in need overseas.

What can you give today?

All donations over $2 are full tax deductible.

Please click here to donate at any time.

Click for more information on how to give your time, clothes or finances.

Thank you so much!

Volunteer with us to Win! Win! Win!

20 Jun , 2019,
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Volunteer with Us

Like many Aussie charities we can’t do what we do without our amazing team of volunteers. We rely on our volunteers to keep offering this free service to our community of transforming unwanted clothing into a better world.

If you would like to join in the adventure we have several opportunities for you, as outlined below. If you are interested in joining one of our teams please call or text us on 0466 842 101.

We are registered with Centrelink so if you need to do volunteer hours for them we can help you meet your requirements.


We all like to give back and make a difference in the world. As part of our team you will be making a difference locally, globally and environmentally all at once. Our charity helps Aussies, people in developing nations, all while saving hundreds of tonnes of clothes from disappearing into land fill.

We call this our Win! Win! Win!

Give your heart that smile that comes from a day well spent in helping others and working with friends.

Here’s what our volunteers say:

Debbie – “I love being part of the Packing Party at Boolaroo. It gives me a purpose to my day to get out of the house and help others.”

Julie – “I always have a laugh when I go out collecting donations. I meet lovely donors. It’s good to know my hard work makes a difference around the world.”

Corinne – “After years working in the corporate world it’s great to still use my skills in retirement, and all for a great cause.”

Doug – “As a uni student it’s good to know I get to spend my days with a great bunch of people as I give back and enjoy every day being a new adventure.”

How Often

You can volunteer with us full time, part time (a couple of days a week) or for a short time like in the school or university holidays.

Some of the roles we need help with are all day (8 hours) jobs while others you can volunteer for an hour or two if you prefer.

What, Where, When and How:

Clothing Collections

Heading out from our church office at Boolaroo we have a variety of teams you can join. We work Monday to Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm. These are all jobs that require you to be fit and healthy to lift, carry and walk. We are outdoors every day and enjoy all kinds of weather…

Distributions – this team meets each morning and then heads out to distribute blue bags into mail boxes all over the Central Coast and Hunter. Make friends as you travel to location, enjoy the beautiful land we live in, all while getting exercise and making a difference. You need to be fit and healthy enough to walk all day in this role.

We are also looking for walkers in different areas who are able to help on a regular basis in their neighbourhood.

Collections – manual drivers are needed to drive our vans and truck to collect donations. Ability to read a map is a must, ability to use a GPS is helpful. Drivers will need to be fit enough to lift and carry donations.

Processing – once donations are returned to the warehouse they need to be baled ready for loading into shipping containers and sent off to developing countries. This involves manual handling and workers need to be fit and strong. Occasionally this team will work nights or weekends when we are very busy.

Office – if you have office skills to offer please contact us to see what we need at the time. Some examples of what we may need is answering the phone, general administration and marketing.

Cleaning – we would love a volunteer who would come and clean our office, kitchen and bathrooms.

As we say “It’s always an adventure at the warehouse. No two days are the same!”


Boolaroo Packing Party

Our team at Boolaroo meets at our church hall at 32 Sixth St Boolaroo on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am to 5pm. There are light duties as well as ones that need muscles. This location and activities are wheel chair friendly.

Enjoy the fun of packing toys for kids in Asia, boxing Bric a Brac for Africa or bagging summer clothes for Fiji.

This is a great team to join if you are looking to fill a few hours in your day.


Tanilba Bay Op Shop

Volunteers at our Op Shop at the Kooindah Centre, President Wilson Walk, Tanilba Bay help with serving, cleaning, stocking shelves, processing new goods and helping customers.

We are open Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm and Saturday 8am to 12 noon.


At Your House

Home Collection Point – ask your family and friends to have a clean out of clothes, shoes, and toys. Get them to drop their bags at your house, give us a call and we can collect all the donations at one time.

Thanks to our fantastic donors, Linda from Cessnock and Evelyn from Shortland, who were our first Home Collectors and gave us this idea.

Distributions – if walking to make a difference is something you would like to do on a regular basis, call or text us as we may be looking for someone to put out blue bags in your neighbourhood.

Promote us – do you love what we do? Please tell your friends about us, both in real life and online.

Please drop by our Facebook Page at like our page, give us a great rating, and invite your friends to like us too.

Pray – if you are a praying person we’d love to have your prayer support. You may like to pray for the following:

  • A blessing for each and every donor who gives to us.
  • Safety for our teams out and about each day on the roads.
  • For our teams who work in our op shop, hall and warehouse.
  • An abundant harvest of donations to send to those in need.
  • For each Aussie we help through free meals, hampers, emergency help and work experience.
  • The thousands of poor people who receive our clothes around the globe.
  • Customs at some of the countries where our clothes go can delay the process of getting clothes to those in need. Pray for smooth transport paths.
  • The miracle of new collection vans and trucks for our team to be donated.
  • Wisdom for our leadership team.


For more information on how you can join our amazing team call or text us on 0466 842 101.


Giving Online

24 May , 2019,
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You can now Give online to any or all of the wonderful things we do here at Church 4 Life.

You can give to any or all of the following:

  • General Fund – this is our “Most Needed” fund to cover our most urgent needs.
  • Mozambique Disaster Relief Foundation – to cover the costs in getting clothes to those in need. Read more here.
  • New Van Appeal – we need new vans, both for collecting donations and distributing blue bags. A brand new van will cost between $40,000 and $70,000. Join us in raising funds for a new van or two.
  • Clothing Collectors – as you know, there are many big and little bills that come in to make this charity work. Everything from rent to petrol to paperclips. Donations to this fund will be used to help us continue to help those in need locally and globally.
  • Church 4 Life Pantry – even with the food donations received, we sometimes have to purchase items to fill up a hamper or give vouchers or petrol to those in need.
  • Pete’s Kitchen – is funded by donations, which cover the cost of the meals given freely to anyone in the community who wants a lovely meal with friendly people.
  • Tithes and Offerings – the Bible instructs believers to give to their local church. This fund is for the regular church expenses. (Giving to this fund is not tax deductible).

Click to Give Now

Tax Deductibility

All donations of $2 or more to Church 4 Life, with the exception of the Tithes and Offerings Fund, are tax deductible. A receipt for your tax return will be sent to you in July each year for your donations for the past financial year.

Cover Fees

If you chose to tick this box an extra little bit will be added to your donation to cover the fees we pay to use this online giving product. Most of our donors will tick this box to help us out.


We have chosen to collect donations as it is secure and used by hundreds of churches globally.

Why do I need to sign up to give?

This one minute process allows us to email you a tax deductible receipt in July for your tax return.


If you have any questions about your payment please contact us on 0466 842 101 Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm.



Mozambique Disaster Relief Foundation

14 May , 2019,
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Life is not easy in the nations of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Poverty is a very real struggle for many families. Recently Cyclone Idai slammed through these countries bringing wide spread devastation to 2.5 million people. Six weeks later, still reeling from Idai, Cyclone Kenneth smashed through bringing more despair.

As Aussies, in a blessed nation, we have to respond and help the poorest of the poor in their time of desperate need.

Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors is proud to be partnering with Mozambique Disaster Relief Foundation (MDRF) to load containers with urgently needed clothes, shoes and linens to help families. We are doing what we do best. Getting the clothes into shipping containers and on their way over the high seas.

MDRF has people on the ground in Mozambique already helping but they need Aussies to donate clothes, shoes, linens and dollars to help get the items where they are most needed.

Martina from MDRF says “We would like to target raising clothing donations of up to 200 tonnes”. At Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors we know 200 tonnes (200,000 kilograms) is a huge mountain of blue bags. We love their vision! This would mean 200,000 people would be clothed. An exciting goal indeed!

Please pray for our teams here in Australia and the team in Mozambique as we unite to bring relief to African families.

Donations to MDRF of $2 or more are tax deductible and can be made here.

Check out how you can help and follow the story on Facebook at

Mozambique Disaster Relief Foundation


Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors


Please note that any donations received that exceed the required amount to help in Mozambique will be used in other disaster relief efforts, possibly Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Giant Charity Garage Sale – First Saturday of Each Month

14 Mar , 2019,
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All items $2 each

At Church 4 Life, 32 Sixth St Boolaroo

First Saturday of Each Month

8am to 12pm

It all started around Australia Day when Gail looked at all the books and bric a brac people had donated with their clothes that we didn’t want to send to land fill and we didn’t have anywhere else to send. Gail looked at the mountain and said to Debbie “We need to ask Jesus for someone who want this so we don’t have to toss it into the dumpster”.

Debbie talked to Liz who suggested a Garage Sale. With the Church 4 Life Board onboard six week later we had our first Giant Charity Garage Sale! As we prepared and were scratching our heads over how best to price all the items, Jesus suggested to Lesley that we sell everything for $1 each. It means great bargains for buyers -win! – and more items will find new homes reducing what we have on hand – win!.

Meanwhile, our prayer group is praying for God to help us find money for new vehicles. We had one van stolen last year and another one die of old age. Our big truck is wheezing and shaking it’s way through it’s final days. Every dollar raised through our Garage Sale can help us get new vehicles to keep providing free home collections to our community. Win!

So Debbie rallied our team to organise volunteers for the day, got posters in local business windows, advertising on Rhema, on Facebook and distributing thousands of flyers in nearby letterboxed inviting our community come and grab some major bargains.

On Saturday 23 February the sky was grey as the rain came and went but we had an awesome day with wonderful support from the community. Hundreds of people walked away with treasures for $1 each and big smiles. We were so happy with the results… except…

….except we still have hundreds of books, dvds, bric a brac, household items that we don’t want to dump but people keep donating to us and we love this fun day out so now running every First Saturday of the Month. There will be new things to buy on both days. New items are unpacked and displayed through out the day so it’s not a case of first in best dressed as we don’t know what items will come out when. So come on by at 8am, grab some bargains, have a chat with some new friends then go through for a second round to see what else you can find. This the kind of win, win, win we love to create.

See you there!

*Our prices have increased to $2 per item from1 February 2020. Some items are 3 for $2 including books, dvds and cds.

Shop Local with us This Christmas

7 Nov , 2018,
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There is something wonderfully special about wandering through local shopping malls uncovering unique treasures and enjoying a G’day with the community folk who work there. In the quest to express our love for family and friends at Christmas, it is often in the small business where the hunt for the perfect gift leads us.

This Christmas season Church 4 Life Op Shop at Tanilba Bay is inviting you to #shoplocal with us at the Kooinda Centre in President Wilson Walk, Tanilba Bay.

Shopping local is a proven way to help your local community, the environment and yourself. It’s the kind of Win Win Win we go for at Church 4 Life Op Shop.

Did you know that when you buy at a local small business $73 from every $100 stays in your community? When you buy through a big chain only $43 for every $100 stays local. That’s a big difference in a small community like ours.

Shopping local is a trend we’d like to see grow in the Tillegary and like every trend it starts with you and it starts with me.

You can start your #shoplocal trend today by dropping into our op shop. It’s tucked in the back right hand corner of the Kooinda Centre on President Walk Wilson. Wandering in through these gates to find that perfect Christmas gift for your loved one, a new toy for your fur baby, a cheap grocery item or a fun novelty for your work Secret Santa gift.


When you drop into in our Op Shop you will find a whole range of brand new and high quality used items including:

  • Clothes (same big brand names, never worn, with original tags)
  • Gifts
  • Linens like blankets, sheets, towels, curtains
  • Grocercies
  • Toys, puzzles and games
  • Shoes, handbags
  • Electrical items
  • Homewares
  • Jewellry
  • Craft items
  • Dog toys and towels
  • And much, much more

Watch this TedX Talk to learn more about the value of #shoplocal

We hope to see you enjoying #shoplocal this Christmas.




Bored Kids + Unwanted Toys = A Better World

3 Jul , 2018,
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Are your kids bored this school holidays?
Do they have toys they never play with any more?

These holidays are a great time to give their toy boxes a good clean out and teach your kids about the joys of donating to help other kids in need.

We are looking for quality second hand soft toys and hard toys like dolls, legos, cars, musical instruments, sports toys, puzzles, games etc.

We don’t need big toys (bikes, walkers, dolls houses), broken toys or toys with missing pieces.

If your toy box could spare a few toys for kids in Asia please text us on 0466 842 101 to arrange a collection or drop them at

– our warehouse at 3/75 Mitchell Rd Cardiff (Monday to Friday 7am to 4pm).
– our church at 32 Sixth St Boolaroo (Monday to Wednesday 8am to 3pm and Sundays only).