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Where is God in the Coronavirus Crisis?

2 Apr , 2020,
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Like many people you may be asking where is God during this global pandemic that is causing much heartache and uncertainty.

I can assure you that God is here, with us, right in the midst of all of this. Stories of how Jesus is helping people are being shared. This pandemic war with the two battlefronts of lives and livelihoods is not a surprise to God. I, on the other hand, am surprised at how many stories I am hearing from believers at how God prompted them to take actions in January and February this year that has put their families in a position to weather this storm. Here’s just two:

Jesus told Sarah and George in the last week of January to sell their house and move into a rental to reduce their housing cost by one third. Their house sold for more than expected, in less than 2 weeks, and exchanged in the last week of February. The next blessing was a new job for George, closer to home and he is able to work from home. In March Coronavirus sent many businesses into lock down, including Sarah’s. Sarah is a wedding photographer. She has no work right now and 2 young kids to home school. God knew this was coming. He prepared them for this time and because they listened to His voice when, out of the blue, Jesus told them to sell and move, in a hurry, they are ready to ride out this storm.

Sam and Jane recently switched roles in their family. For a number of years Jane was working full time and Sam was working part time and being a House Hubby. God told them to switch it up this year so now Sam is working full time and Jane was part time. Totally perfect for their family right now as Jane is able to be home with their three high schoolers and home school them as Jane is a teacher and Sam is not.

This is not a surprise to Jesus.

More than we have seen in decades, more than during the drought and the bushfires, people are praying to Jesus Christ, the Living God. We are being reminded that there are more important things than money, jobs, education, sport and entertainment. Things like family, friends, health, freedom, church and life itself. For many of us our time and life has suddenly been decluttered and we are looking at things differently. This is a time to look in and look up. Look into our hearts and look up to heaven. Life is unpredictable. Who are we relying on to get us through this? Ourselves? Our employer or government? Where does our peace and security come from? Who can hear the cries of our heart in the lonely night hours?

The answer is Jesus Christ. This is the time to seek out Jesus Christ and connect with Him. He is the way, the truth and the life.

In the midst of all of this Jesus is still with us, as this beautiful testimony from a Coronavirus survivor tells us.

Where is God in Co-Vid 19? Here. You just need to look and you will find Him.

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