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Mozambique Disaster Relief Foundation

14 May , 2019,
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Life is not easy in the nations of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. Poverty is a very real struggle for many families. Recently Cyclone Idai slammed through these countries bringing wide spread devastation to 2.5 million people. Six weeks later, still reeling from Idai, Cyclone Kenneth smashed through bringing more despair.

As Aussies, in a blessed nation, we have to respond and help the poorest of the poor in their time of desperate need.

Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors is proud to be partnering with Mozambique Disaster Relief Foundation (MDRF) to load containers with urgently needed clothes, shoes and linens to help families. We are doing what we do best. Getting the clothes into shipping containers and on their way over the high seas.

MDRF has people on the ground in Mozambique already helping but they need Aussies to donate clothes, shoes, linens and dollars to help get the items where they are most needed.

Martina from MDRF says “We would like to target raising clothing donations of up to 200 tonnes”. At Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors we know 200 tonnes (200,000 kilograms) is a huge mountain of blue bags. We love their vision! This would mean 200,000 people would be clothed. An exciting goal indeed!

Please pray for our teams here in Australia and the team in Mozambique as we unite to bring relief to African families.

Donations to MDRF of $2 or more are tax deductible and can be made here.

Check out how you can help and follow the story on Facebook at

Mozambique Disaster Relief Foundation


Church 4 Life Clothing Collectors


Please note that any donations received that exceed the required amount to help in Mozambique will be used in other disaster relief efforts, possibly Zimbabwe and Malawi.